Crosscut Pack




The majority of companies do not know when their documents have reached the end of their life cycle, or how to manocess.  All shredding is monitored through CCTV and all of the material is weighed before and after destruction for further control.

age them when it occurs.  Therefore, they remain in the office taking up valuable space.  In the best case scenario, they are discarded in trashcans, landfills, or recycling plants, which have become ideal places for the theft of confidential information.

According to the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID), the second most pressing issue for business managers to address is the stealing of documentation that leads to identity theft.

The NAID also suggests that businesses have the obligation to secure the confidentiality of the information they manage.  In addition, it indicates that documents must be destroyed regularly, and that company personnel should not be involved in the shredding process.

Crosscut Pack offers document destruction without risks. This is done using shredders with level 3 security (crosscut), in an area specially designed for this pr

Quantity or the format in which your information is stored (papers, CDs, tape backup or video) are of no concern… everything is destroyed. Your business contributes to protect the environment when it uses Crosscut Pack because all of the materials destroyed are recycled.

Crosscut Pack, combined with Document and Digit Pack, will result in big savings for your business.