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In developed countries, 15% of companies’ earnings are spent in the creation, management, and distribution of documents.  It has been estimated that 150 hours per year is the time that an employee spends working with papers, and that a single document is printed a minimum of 5 times during its lifespan. The Dominican Republic is not the exception and we estimate that the losses are greater.  The only way to to reduce them and increase efficiency is through the digitizing.

With Digit Pack the paperless office is a reality, digitizing your information with prices accessible to businesses of any size, without the acquisition of equipment, software, or the use of personnel.  Digit Pack, with its partner FileHold Systems, has developed powerful document management software for the capture and consultation of documentation, in the most secure manner, reliable and fast, at anytime, anywhere.

Businesses that use Digit Pack contribute to the protection of the environment and the forests conservation, since they reduce their paper consumption.

Using Digit Pack in conjunction with Document and Crosscut Pack provides businesses total control over their information and significant cost reductions.