Crosscut pack

Offers risk-free destruction of documents, using certified industrial scales for weight control during shredding.

How does your company dispose of documents, once the time for keeping them in storage is over? Have you ever wondered what your staff does with them? Do they throw them in the trash, putting the company at risk, as they still contain sensitive information? Do they burn them, affecting the environment?

CrosscutPack is the right answer for the physical disposal of the documents you no longer need. With this service Flashpack guarantees your peace of mind, because, with our industrial equipment, capable of shredding up to 800 pounds of paper per hour and the correct handling of that waste, you will know that you did the right thing for your company and the environment.

According to the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), the theft of documentation that compromises the identity of companies and their customers is the issue that ranks second in management concern. The NAID states that it should be mandatory for companies to ensure the confidentiality of the files they handle. These should be shredded on a regular basis and not by employees, nor by paper recycling plants.

CROSSCUT PACK offers the destruction of documents without risk, with the use of certified industrial scale for weight control before and after shredding, the use of a paper shredder with level three (3) security (crosscut), high performance and located in an area exclusively for this purpose, in which cameras monitor and record the entire process.

The quantity or format in which the information is stored does not matter, everything can be shredded.

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