Digit pack

Effective, fast and secure document digitization service

How much does your company spend on document consulting?

In developed countries 15% of company profits are spent on the creation, handling and distribution of documents. It is estimated that 150 hours a year an employee wastes working with papers without counting that they are printed a minimum of 5 times during their useful life, use of equipment, electric energy and expendable material.

The Dominican Republic is no exception, we estimate that the expenses are even higher. The only way to reduce them and increase labor efficiency is digitization. With Digit Pack, the paperless office is a reality, digitizing your information with affordable rates to companies of any size, without the need to purchase equipment, software, or the use of your staff.

Filehold Systems, which has Flashpack as a partner, has developed a powerful document management software 

for the capture and consultation of documents in a secure, reliable and fast way, at any time and from anywhere.

Companies that use Digit Pack contribute to the ecology, reducing energy use, pollution and paper usage.

Digit Pack in synergy with Document and Crosscut Pack provides total control over your information with a formidable cost reduction.

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