Document pack

Confidential, reliable and secure service for the handling and custody of documents.

Nowadays in most companies, regardless of their size, archived information is handled under no or scarce document management policies, which generates labor losses, inefficiency, physical deterioration, theft; despite the fact that it is confidential and critical information. An effective file management action is not only its correct organization, it is also to have them in adequate places, in adequate containers and to have computer programs that help to manage the information, when it is needed.

Flashpack offers the Dominican market a safe, confidential and reliable service for the management and custody of documentation, because all the factors that affect the security of file management were taken into account, from the container that protects them to the architectural design of its facilities.

The physical integrity of our customer’s information system is guaranteed by the process to which it is subjected. It starts by identifying the containers with long-lasting barcode labels, then passing them through a gas chamber, followed by humidity control, and then completely covering them with a high-strength plastic wrap.

State-of-the-art technology is present with our software, such as the “Document Positioning System” (DPS), which allows you to control and manage the documentation in custody, as well as that in your offices, at no cost to the customer. This combined with the tracking software, which through bar codes allows us to identify and locate exactly and immediately the file containers required by the client.

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