North Las Vegas Nevada Police Department invites to document shredding day

Destruccion de documentos

“The shred day is a considerable help to the community, it is a quick, convenient way to dispose of personal information in a way that provides security against identity theft,” commented Gabriela Vazquez, of the North Las Vegas Police Department.

“The next day, she reported, is scheduled for Saturday, the 27th, from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon, at the Northwest Area Command, located at 3755 West Washburn, and we hope to have community support, that people will come and take advantage of the opportunity,” she added.

He also pointed out that all the documents are shredded and recycled “we urge the community to participate, bring their documents, we request that they come with their masks and on the other hand it will not be necessary for those who come to leave their respective vehicles”, he said.

It was learned that in this opportunity up to two boxes of paper, file folders, staples, rubber bands, paper or folder clips will be shredded.

“Cardboard, plastic, metals, three-ring binders, CDs, DVDs, common garbage, as well as materials considered hazardous, may not be brought for shredding,” she reiterated.

The interviewee explained that it is more convenient to bring the documents for shredding than to break them and throw them in the garbage, “the idea is to shred, recycle, and above all to gain in security in our fight against identity theft”, she added.